Zarządzanie pokoleniami

Demographic changes taking place in Poland have made skillful management of teams diverse in terms of age a necessity.

There are currently four generations of employees on the market, in a few years the next, fifth generation will join. New management tools, a new organization of the environment and the workplace are necessary, and the market must adapt to the diverse needs of employees.

The age diversity of the team brings many benefits, but requires modern management tools, which should include promote integration and mitigation of conflicts. It is important that employees accept their difference and be able to see its benefits. Synergy of generations is necessary, thanks to which efficiency increases and the organization achieves better results.

The number of people aged 50+ is constantly growing: they are the largest age group in Poland. The length as well as the quality of life increases. Almost 70% of people from this age group are professionally active, the majority declare their willingness to work also after reaching retirement age. The 50+ generation has great potential, which should be appreciated by employers.